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The IASCoachings offers limited unique Sponsorship kits carefully developed to meet the needs and budget of every business.

There are many opportunities to become an sponsor on the IASCoachings’s website. This is a member benefit and is reserved for Educational Industries only. It is a resource for institutions who want to get together with our research team, It is also used by people inside and outside of the region to learn more about IAS Coachings. The site averages more than 86,000 unique visitors each year and nearly 500,000 page views last year.

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I believe that a complete strategy consisting of content marketing, social media marketing and banner advertising can together give excellent results. However, you are free to choose any one or a combination from the below options.

1. A featured article telling people about you and your brand:

Description: It would be a complete SEO optimized article for your brand name mentioning your services. Well, if you ask us that what’s so special about it, then here are some examples. Just Google “Best IAS Coaching in Delhi” and see the first result. Still not satisfied, perform a Google search for “Best Online Coaching for IAS”, “Online Coaching for UPSC” and “Top 10 IAS Coaching in Delhi”. Hope it will help you get an idea.

2. Social Media Marketing:

Description: When we say social media, it again means 100% targeted audience. We have a Facebook page dedicated to city Delhi with thousands of fans. Your content will be shared with the fans over here not just once but a hype would be created.

3. Banner Sponsorships

Banner space is available on the home page as well as all other pages of the website. We have tested and tried the clicks from this space with our own ads. Anyone who clicks on the banner can be sent directly to your website, Facebook page or any other URL.

We know that by now, you might be interested to know the cost. I hereby assure you that Sponsorships on IASCoachings is very much cost effective. Before moving to the cost, you should go through our traffic screenshots  showing the daily and monthly visitors that we get.


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