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Coup in Myanmar

The Myanmar military grabbed power in a coup , ahead of a scheduled meeting of the country’s newly elected Parliament.

Aung San Suu Kyi, who led the National League for Democracy (NLD) to a landslide win in the 2020 elections, and the de facto leader of the ousted government, has been detained. President Win Myint has also been detained.

Amid heightened civilian military tensions, and following statements of concern by the UN Secretary General and a group of Myanmar-based western embassies, the Tatmadaw, the Myanmar military, had put out a statement declaring it would protect and abide by the Constitution.

  • The military has alleged that the general elections held in November 2020 were full of “irregularities” and that therefore, the results are not valid. It has questioned the veracity of some 9 million votes cast in the election.
  • The military had demanded that the United Elections Commission (UEC) of Myanmar which oversees elections, or the government, or outgoing parliamentarians prove at a special session before the new parliament convenes on February 1, that the elections were free and fair. The demand had been rejected.

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