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Rau’s IAS elearn help you convert information to knowledge and mentor you in your daily self study.

  • Video Lessons
  • Quizzes & Tests
  • Doubt Solving

What is Rau’s IAS Elearn?

The main objective of Rau’s Research and Innovation department is to develop learning tools to simplify preparation of the civil services exam. We put together the ideas of teachers, successful students and senior/retired bureaucrats (who were Rau’s successful students back in the day) to develop these tools which bring great value to the civil services aspirants.

Our learning tools in the form of videos lessons, self-study material, tests and test discussions

  • Provide continuous learning and update through current affairs analysis,
  • Methodical revision of the core syllabus of GS, and
  • Improvement in test taking skills through UPSC level test series.

We handhold our students through all stages of the examination and our purpose is to lend them a better chance at achieving success.

Why Join Rau’s IAS Elearn?

Cracking the Civil Services Exam requires smart selective study combined with test taking practice. Rau’s Elearn provides you both, daily!

Online Learning Video Classes

Rau IAS elearn
Rau IAS elearn


The elearn platform draws from Rau’s IAS specialized UPSC pedagogy, which has perfected the art and the science of identifying all things important for UPSC IAS Exam by mapping them to the evolving UPSC syllabus and previous year’s questions.

Rau’s IAS elearn is a single point solution for the Civil Services aspirants looking for high quality, IAS exam centric guidance.

elearn is powered by knowledge and teachings of subject matters experts who have decades of experience in guiding the civil services aspirants.

elearn puts together the ideas of teachers, successful students and senior/retired bureaucrats to provide you with learning tools which will guide you in the right direction and thus simplify your preparation for the IAS exam.


Online Test Series for Prelims & Mains


The goal of elearn is to help Civil Services aspirants convert information to knowledge and use that knowledge to clear the various stages of the UPSC IAS exam.

Therefore, testing, both objective (Prelims) and descriptive (Mains), is one of the main features of Rau’s IAS video courses – Focus (Current Affairs Program for Pre and Mains) and DNS (Daily Newspaper Simplified).

What is equivalently important is that testing should not be vague or unnecessarily difficult. It has to be in line with what you are expected to encounter in the actual examination.

It is on the above premise that Rau’s IAS Prelims Test Series and Mains Test Series have been designed, both of which are available at this platform.


Online Doubt Clearing Session


The effectiveness of any good learning system is based on the simplicity of revision and doubt solving.

This is the most important feature of the Rau’s IAS elearn.

You can download the pdfs, bookmark videos and questions to revise them later and use it as per your need and convenience.

Whenever and wherever you encounter a doubt, you can shoot your question and our subject matter experts will help you in solving it as soon as possible.

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Tel: 011 – 40786050, 23317293, 23318135/36, 23738906/07

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