How to start UPSC Preparation from Zero Level?

One of the most toughest examinations conducted in our country is the UPSC Civil Services exam. It is not because the exam difficulty level is such, largely, it is because of the vast syllabus that this exam is considered to be one of the toughest to crack. Every UPSC aspirant have a doubt in the beginning that How to start UPSC preparation from zero level without coaching? Cracking the UPSC Civil Services exam is not a piece of cake. The aspirants need to a lot of hard work in order to succeed. Here , we are going to discuss How to start UPSC preparation from zero level without coaching?

There are some questions regarding that every aspirant has in his/her mind and one of the persistent ones because of success stories of Previous Toppers that they led into believing that only Delhi has the ability to make an IAS;

Indian Administrative Service,
Indian Administrative Service (IAS full form – IAS ka full form)

In short ,only coaching messiahs in the by lanes of ORN can save your ship from meeting a Titanic like fate. (Ask yourself and you will get your Answer ) —->To put things in black and white, moving to Delhi or Join any IAS coaching in Delhi is not a solution. It certainly provides you the right guidance
but it is also present over phone or internet

#REALITY: most institutes try to influence as many IAS aspirants as possible with the faces of toppers. Some institutes even pay toppers (in lakhs) to give an interview or testimonial in favour of them. Beginners are very often misled by advertisements.

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Realize that none coaching institute or online website can make a candidate an IAS officer, unlike the claims they make. The combination can be best described as 40:60. A good coaching institute can play 40% part, but unless the candidate put the next 60% effort he cannot become an IAS officer.

Why you need coaching?

  • lack of proper resources and expert guidance is one of the key problems faced by students who prepare without any formal coaching.
  • Bookshops and internet resources are filled with materials that are never-ending. Hence, fresh aspirants always get in “too many books and too little time”!
  • Next is proper time management. Coaching’s help in preparing a schedule for the aspirants (one of the real benefit of UPSC coaching).
  • More than needed advice Available.

Why you don’t need coaching?

  • large amount of guidance and materials are now available online.
  • Be your Own Boss by making your own strategy by analyzing your strengths and weakness.
  • Invest Money in good test Series will give you more return.
  • you can save your time by reading a topic in 2 hours instead of 3 hours in coaching (depends on person to person ).

5 steps for your Success in this UPSC Journey:

Step 1: Go through UPSC Syllabus

Read the syllabus of both prelims and mains. (and memorize it). Going through UPSC Syllabus will help you in mastering the art of relevant studying. So, when you’ll actually start preparing for the exam from Best books for UPSC, you will know which part to study and what you can just skip! . The syllabus can be large and daunting in the first go, but once broken down into smaller parts, it becomes easier to tackle.

Step 2: Go through Previous Year Questions

Previous Year Questions will not only help you in assessing where you stand but will also give you a fair bit of idea about the trend and pattern of questions that are asked in the UPSC CSE exam.

Step 3: Make monthly, weekly and daily goals to efficiently cover the entire syllabus.

Make small goals that are achievable. Keep the weekends for the revision so that you don’t forget what you’ve read. Doing so will help you in concept building and concept retention. It is best if you start making notes of the topics this will not only help you in revising the context in before the exam but also provide you in-depth knowledge about the subject matter.

Step 4: Make news-paper reading a habit

Cultivate a habit of reading newspaper, try to finish it off in 2 hours. Start reading newspapers like The Hindu and The Indian Express. They are very good and read them religiously. Once you get comfortable reading newspapers start making notes out of important events.

Step 5: Practice, Practice & More Practice

Practice and Revision is the key to clear this exam. Practice your answers in such a way that it covered all aspects – economic, political, legal, socio-cultural etc. Consistency is the KEY. Revision is must. Practice makes man perfect and that perfection comes by practice called Revision.

At last, Remember UPSC preparation is a lengthy process. But the moment you start enjoying your preparation, all the unwarranted stress and anxiety associated with the preparation will vanish. We hope that you will now have a clarity that How to start UPSC preparation from zero level without coaching?


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