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Indian Geography

Is Indian geography important for UPSC? Which Geography notes is best for UPSC? Is Indian geography part of UPSC mains syllabus? Is Geography for UPSC tough?

Geography Notes for UPSC Examination will be immensely helpful for the candidates aspiring to sit for UPSC 2022. Geography is a very important subject in the UPSC exam, covered by both IAS Prelims and Mains papers. Geography for UPSC covers Indian Geography as well as World geography. The following concepts in Geography are covered broadly by the UPSC Syllabus:

  • Physical Geography
  • Human Geography
  • Environmental Geography

We also have compiled Geography questions that will be helpful for UPSC candidates. Check them below:

  • Physical Geography of India
  • Drainage System
  • Indian Climate
  • Soils
  • Indian Flora & Faun
  • Indian Economic and Human Geography
  • Map Based Questions from India (Location of state, city, river, lakes, important places including Ramsar sites, Biosphere Reserves, Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks)

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