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Medieval Indian History

Why is medieval Indian history important?

Medieval period is an important period in the history of India because of the developments in the field of art and languages, culture and religion. Also the period has witnessed the impact of other religions on the Indian culture. Beginning of Medieval period is marked by the rise of the Rajput clan.

After the death of Harshavardhana India witnessed significant changes, this period is also known as twilight of ancient India.

  • Pataliputra permanently lost its prominence as symbol of sovereignty of India.
  • Kanyakubja (kannauj) became symbol of sovereignty of India in early medieval times.
  • For the control of kanyakubja (Ganga Yamuna doab region) three Indian dynasties waged continuous wars, which is known as triangular warfare. Palas , Prathiharas  and Rashtrakutas  participated in warfare.
  • Decentralization was on its peak, paved ways for emergence of Indian feudalism.
  • Many regional powers emerged powerful, political unity of India was shattered into pieces.
  • A new ruling clan RAJPUTS
  • Major Dynasties of Early Medieval Period
  • Chola Empire
  • Turkish conquest of India
  • Rajput States
  • Delhi Sultanate
  • Mughal Empire (Including later Mughals)
  • Maratha Confederacy
  • Southern Dynasties
  • Vijayanagara
  • Bahamani Kingdom
  • Religious Movements during Medieval Period

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