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Modern Indian History

What are the types of modern Indian history?

Here, we have compiled a comprehensive study material on History of Modern India with five major chapters like Decline of Mughal and Maratha Empire, Rise of the Regional States and European Power, British Paramountcy and Acts, 18th Century Revolts and Reform, and Indian National Movement. All the topics under each chapter are covered in detail in the form of Study notes.

“History of Modern India” topic as a part of History is a very important section as far as the Syllabus of any competitive examination is possible, especially Civil Services exams.

Keeping the Importance of this topic in mind, we have compiled the study material of “History of Modern India” into 5 Sections for better understanding of the stages of development in Modern India, why certain events happened and analysis of the consequences of such developments that paves an impact on our society, economy and our political system.

In this Study Material we cater the requirements of not only the school going students but also for those who are pursuing their degree courses and even for those who are preparing for competitive examination.

  • Fall of Mughals
  • Advent of Europeans
  • India under East India Company’s Rule
  • Administration
  • Political policies
  • British Expansion Policy
  • Economic policies and their impact
  • Foreign Policies
  • Social Policies
  • Indian Kingdoms in 18th Century
  • Socio – Religious Reform Movements in the 19th and 20th CE India
  • Changes in Indian Administration after 1858
  • Growth of Political Ideas and Political Organisations (up to 1885)
  • Foundation of the Indian National Congress
  • National Movement (1885 – 1919)
  • National Movement (1919 – 1939)
  • Freedom to Partition (1939 – 1947)
  • Other Dimensions
  • Miscellaneous

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