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Most Important Books for UPSC Mains Exam Preparation by IAS Toppers

During IAS Preparation, it is very important to read important books for the respective subjects of UPSC IAS Exam syllabus. Here, we have suggested important books relevant for the IAS Preparation so that IAS aspirants do not waste their precious time on reading scraps.

Books play a vital role in the IAS Preparation. Best books impart the best knowledge and in turn is very useful in the IAS Preparation. IAS Toppers and the teachers, lay stress on reading the best available books rather aspiring the best books and do not rely on the available one. The basic concepts are same in all the books but the application of the concept makes all the difference hence some books are considered as the best books.

Books for IAS are considered as an inextricably important during IAS preparation. No person can say that he or she did not study the relevant books for the IAS Exam during IAS preparation. However, the main issue is to do selection of appropriate or best books which are quite relevan and effective for IAS preparation. The easiest way to solve the best books for IAS puzzle by asking the IAS Toppers and follow the suggestions given by them. It will be easy and more effective for an IAS aspirant to follow the way and essential books for IAS Exam adopted by any of the IAS Toppers.

We have prepared a list essential books for IAS Exam suggested by the IAS Toppers of the last few years. IAS Toppers have mentioned the books for IAS Exam that helped them immensely during IAS preparation and to score maximum in every stage of IAS Exam. Basis of those important books for IAS they they able to make their place among the toppers of IAS Exam.

This article suggests the Books referred by IAS Toppers to Clear UPSC Mains Exam. It is very important to read relevant books for IAS Exam. By choosing relevant books, IAS aspirants can save their precious time during IAS preparation and they can score maximum as well. Suggested books in this write-up have a good coverage of topics of UPSC IAS Exam syllabus.

What is Indian Civil Services?

The Indian civil services serves as the backbone of our nation. Top class brains of the country compete to get into civil services which carries great respect and responsibilities. Historically, this exam is one of the most sought after career by young aspirants.

Civil services examination is also popularly known as IAS or UPSC examination and is considered as one of the toughest examination in the world with very low success rate.Civil services is conducted in mainly two phases. First one being preliminary phase which is held in may and second phase consist of Mains and interview. Due to nature of examination, almost a one year is stretched.

For cracking these examinations, time management, appropriate knowledge and proper guidance is required. In market numerous books are available, but it’s hard to know which books shall be referred to crack the examination. Getting confused in such a situation is normal and this a the high time when proper guidance is required.

Today we will help you to come out of despair and will tell you the right civil services books for mains to be referred for preparing in the right direction. Below are the names of books along with the writer’s names which might help you in different stages.

First stage is Preliminary stage,which constitutes two papers. Normally students don’t find it very difficult to clear. It’s obvious because it consists questions from various subjects that were taught at school level. But it should be kept in mind that good preparation of Mains is done within the prelims, because most of the content of Mains is from the prelims only.  To refresh that knowledge, one may refer book named…

Books referred by IAS Toppers to Clear UPSC Mains Exam

1.  IAS syllabus Prelims and Mains- 4th edition by G.K publishers.

Second phase is Mains. It constitutes of seven papers, out of which two are optional, meaning students can choose subjects. Rest five papers constitutes subjects like Indian heritage, culture, economy, geography, technology etc.

For proper preparation every topic should be read topic vise and in a proper format.

2. Ethics, integrity and aptitude for civil services main examination (paper 5)-1st edition

is first choice of students while referring to topics of fifth paper. Students claim that it is one of the toughest section of examination, mainly because of aptitude.

Other choices of students that helps them in confronting the exam with best confidence are:

3. IAS mains civil services main examination: General studies chapter vise solved papers 2012-1997

This book has many silent features like, it has chapterwise questions from last ten years at end of each topic that will help students to assess a number of problems in exam. Siddharth Mittal is the author of this book, and is published under the name Arihant.

4. IAS General studies: Mains examination topic-wise question analysis (20+) years

After preparing topics, one should give heed to previous year question papers. Book referred above consists of quality questions in form of last year questions, embracing whom may get you a very good opportunity of cracking the examination.

At last one should not forget that proper time management, equal attention to all the topics and getting engrossed is the key to success.

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