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President’s Address and Motion of Thanks

The first Parliament session of 2021 began on 29 January 2021 with President addressing members of both Houses of Parliament. If he does not stand for re-election, it will be his second-last address to Parliament.


The Constitution gives the President the power to address either House or a joint sitting of the two Houses of Parliament. Article 87 provides two special occasions on which the President addresses a joint sitting.

To address the opening session of a new legislature after a general election.

To address the first sitting of Parliament each year. A session of a new or continuing legislature cannot begin without fulfilling this requirement.

When the Constitution came into force, the President was required to address each session of Parliament. So during the provisional Parliament in 1950, President Prasad gave an address before every session.

The First Amendment to the Constitution in 1951 changed this position and made the President’s address once a year.

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