Shankar IAS Academy (Delhi)

Shankar IAS a leading civil service training institute based in Chennai has opened its branch in Delhi. This IAS academy will bring the best faculties and trainers to provide quality classes to students in Delhi This branch is fully equipped with state of the art classrooms and infrastructure making it the best IAS academy in Delhi.

Why you Should choose Shankar IAS Academy?

  • Expert team of faculties and trainers for civil services exams preparation.
  • Pioneers who have published best sellers for subjects like Environment already being used by civil service training institutes in Delhi.
  • Experience Student friendly Programs like Prestorming and Mainstorming for the first time for UPSC coaching in Delhi.
  • A unique UPSC coaching centre in delhi with state of the art classrooms and infrastructure.
  • Legacy of 20 years training experience in civil service coaching coming to Delhi.
  • Expert team of mentors to guide your path in UPSC examination.

As per their myth Shankar Academy follow a unique tested methodology, which helps students to achieve their dream of cracking UPSC civil services examination and becoming an IAS/IPS/IRS/IFS officer or a civil servant.

About Shankar IAS in Delhi:

SHANKAR IAS ACADEMY, one of the best institutions in India coaching and mentoring thousands of Civil Service aspirants was founded in 2004. The academy which was nothing but a gleam in the eye of Mr. Shankar.D in 2004, a post graduate in agriculture (also an aspirant who qualified for interview twice), has evolved over the years to the extent of successfully helping 1000+ candidates realize their dream of becoming a bureaucrat and guiding thousands of others to realize their potential. We take pride in having successfully contributed to nation building albeit, in a small way.

UPSC Courses at Shankar IAS Academy:

Their Upgraded Foundation Course to IAS Preparation is an introductory course designed for Beginner Aspirants to clear Civil Services Examination in India. This Upgraded Foundation Course is best course for IAS Preparation within One Year.

Classroom Course of Shankar IAS:

  • 1 YEAR FOUNDATION COURSE : One-year foundation course is meticulously designed for aspirants who have completed their graduation and are targeting for Civil Services Examination next year.
  • 2 YEARS FOUNDATION COURSE: Two years foundation course is systematically designed for working professionals/final year students or people who can dedicate 2-3 hours to studying or even less for preparation.
  • UNLIMITED LIFETIME FOUNDATION COURSE :Unlimited lifetime foundation course is designed for youngsters who want to give a head start to their UPSC journey. Being prepared in advance for an exam as demanding as UPSC is always a smart step. Anybody who wants to repeat foundation courses or anybody who wants life-long association with Shankar Academy can also opt for Unlimited Lifetime foundation course.

UPSC Test Series Program of Shankar Academy:

UPSC test Series Program by Shankar Academy is offer in 3 types like All India Prelims Test Series, NCERT Test Series, Current Affairs Test Series. The Test Series and Quality Improvement program for UPSC helps in improving candidates learning outcomes and scores in UPSC exam preparation. UPSC Test Series is most best way to analyse your preparation for UPSC exam.

Mock Interview Preparation by Shankar Academy:

Shankar Academy offers the UPSC MOCK INTERVIEW to prepare for UPSC Civil Services Examination. IAS MOCK INTERVIEW Panel is chaired by Former UPSC board members with other ex-bureaucrats.

Online Classes for UPSC Online Coaching:

  1. Live 2-way communication: India’s only UPSC Civil Services exam coaching centre which has this facility. Students will enjoy a classroom ambience and can interact with the faculty during the class in real-time.
  2. Doubt clearing sessions: Doubts will be cleared on a regular basis in a systematic manner by faculty who are domain experts.
  3. Self-evaluation: Constant tracking of the candidate’s progress done through weekly and monthly tests.
  4. Mock test series and Free interview: Exclusive prelims mock test series, main answer writing practice tests and free interview grooming conducted to prepare the candidate to successfully reach their UPSC goals.
  5. Comprehensive material: Access to India’s most comprehensive current affairs in the form of a go-to website, and book material that have been bestsellers in their categories in e-commerce sites like Amazon.

IAS Coaching Fee of Shankar IAS Academy in Delhi

General Studies (Prelims cum Main)
  • Note: 6000 discount will be applicable for Integrated Course Payment.
  • Fees are inclusive of GST & Study Materials.

Shankar IAS Academy Delhi Center Location:

Address & Centre Location: Upper Ground Floor, 25, Pusa Rd, Delhi, 110060
Contact Number: +91- 76677 66266

How to Register & Request Counselling Session:

The Best IAS Academy in India. All over India, people aspiring to become IAS, IPS and other elite bureaucratic service officers and seeking to fine tune their preparation, flock to Shankar IAS Academy for Civil Services coaching. So, if you are an IAS/IPS aspirant, look no further. You can register for a Free Counseling session at Shankar IAS Academy.

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