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Test Series for UPSC: Mock Tests and Test Series are an indispensable part of preparation for any competitive exam. With the highly competitive nature of the Civil Services exams, candidates look for ways to have an edge over the others so as to clear this exam and get selected for the desired post. Most of the candidates prepare from more or less the same study material. What ensures that they perform well in the exam with all the content they have learnt is the mock tests they attempt which help them evaluate all that they have studied and make them familiar with the exam pattern with time constraints so that candidates also learn to manage their time effectively.

If you are a candidate who understands the importance of mock tests, then you are at the right place. Here are the list of 10 best test series for UPSC related to Prelims and Mains. These mock tests are prepared by their Subjects Matter Experts who have a lot of experience and are masters of the subjects from which questions are asked in Civil Services examinations.

These UPSC Test Series provides you with practice tests, subject-wise and full length test series for civil services exams. The questions in these test series are as per the latest exam pattern. Since they understand the financial constraints that a lot of candidates face and we want you to spend your money on the best material that you can get, they have provided affordable practice tests so that candidates can attempt them to assess the level of the questions provided by UPSC test series and then choose to enroll for the mock test series and they can assure you that these Test Series will not disappoint you.

UPSC Test Series | Best Test Series for UPSC

No.1 Vajiram and Ravi’s Test Series

Vajiram and Ravi IAS Test Series is Best for UPSC Examination Preparation.

No.2 Unacademy’s Test Series

if you are enrolled on unacademy plus platform, then they provide you with a number of different types of test series and also you can evaluate your answers. They organize the test in a very decent way, so there is no problem.

No.3 VisionIAS’s Test Series

One of the flagship programs of VisionIAS, the All India GS Prelims Exam Test Series is taken by thousands as a stepping stone to crack the UPSC Prelims examination. VisionIAS Test Analysis helps aspirants identify their areas of strengths & improvements and helps them improve their Prelims score.

Mains Test series at VisionIAS is also the hallmark of this coaching center. Every year thousands of students utilize VisionIAS test series based on INNOVATIVE ASSESSMENT SYSTEM to improve their scores. The immense response from the students and huge surge every year is a living testimony of our commitment to quality. The test series from VisionIAS has become an indispensable tool for every serious aspirant.

No.4 InsightsIAS’s Test Series

As acknowledged by It’s toppers, most of our tests give you the actual feeling of solving real UPSC question paper. It’s Test Series covers each and every topic of UPSC Prelims Syllabus exhaustively from authentic and primary sources to provide you an in-depth understanding of nature of exams preparation. Tests papers of InsightsIAS are carefully crafted to focus equally on relevant concepts and facts to prepare you to face any kind of question in real exam.

No.5 ClearIAS’s Test Series

ClearIAS UPSC Online Mock Test Series integrates learning with test-taking and help you learn faster. More than 3,00,000 aspirants have registered within a short span of time in the ClearIAS Online Mock Test Platform acknowledging the quality of its tests.

No.6 IASScore’s Test Series

No.7 DrishtIAS’s Test Series

No.8 BYJU’S Test Series

Civil Services Prelims Examination takes place annually. It is the first stage of the three-tier examination. There are many challenges to clear prelims examination, and one of them being is that the questions framed by the Union Public Service Commission are becoming unpredictable with every year. Hence, to meet this challenge with utmost sincerity, BYJU’S brings UPSC Test Series annually.

No.9 RauIAS’s Test Series

One of the best Test Series available for UPSC aspirants is that of Rau’s IAS Study Circle. Which is the leading institute in the country with domain experience of seven decades. Rau’s IAS Prelims Test Series is unequivocally the best and has proven record in the past.

No.10 Shankar IAS’s Test Series

There are unit wise GS tests, UPSC prelims mock tests, and CSAT test series for 2022. With over a decade of experience in IAS coaching, Shankar IAS academy is a leader in IAS Prelims Test Series.

FAQ’s on Top 10 Test Series for UPSC CSE

Online Mock Test for UPSC

UPSC conducts several competitive exams each year providing incredible opportunities for the growth of your career. Grab the option and put together an effective preparation plan which includes productive utilization of UPSC Mock test. UPSC Test series serves the purpose of timely syllabus completion, proper revision, practice to learn the best manner to attempt the exam and regular analysis of the preparation.

The test series for UPSC also provides a reliable self-assessment tool to gauge where you stand in the competition and the improvement required to reach the desired score. Analise your performance after each UPSC mock test and make suitable changes for a better score in the next one.

UPSC Free Test Series

Begin with a free UPSC mock test and analyze the level of preparedness. Consequently, practice numerous UPSC test series 2021 for efficient and effective exam preparation. The first test of UPSC Test series is free so that you can ascertain its usability and quality. Each mock test of UPSC is designed as per your exam preparation needs and provides the required practice & revision before the exam.

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