Which is better Vajiram or Vajirao?

Vajirao and Reddy or Vajiram and Ravi both are the oldest IAS Coaching Institute in Delhi providing comprehensive Civil Services Exam preparation training but the only difference is that Vajirao Institute located in Shakti Nagar near Delhi University while Vajiram and Ravi Located in Rajinder Nagar in Delhi, but the motive of Vajirao vs Vajiram is same.

Which is better Vajiram or Vajirao?

Vajirao and Reddy Vajiram and Ravi
Delhi’s No.1 famous & Oldest Coaching Institution for Civil Services Exams preparation. The most ignorant institute ever visited. Zero mentor-ship, ignorant receptionist.
Highly Qualified & Experienced Teachers from Central Universities and reputed Institutes. Only Selective Teachers are equipped with good knowledge and have teaching experience professional faculties resign and leave the institute and join another institute.
Best Courses & Advanced Learning Programs to help you to Crack IAS in minimum time. Course quality is not so good or reliable, which can assist/ prepare you to Face IAS exams.
Regularly maintained Class Timings and Course Schedules to Complete your Syllabus on time. Unmaintained Class timings or schedules that waste a lot of learning Time of IAS aspirants.
Carefully chosen Study Material provided to learners saves their time and keeps them focused. Study material was written conceptually by professional content writers in on language. Outdated Study Material and written in Bookis language, Books that are not updated from many years.
Always provides a Full range of Postal/ Correspondence books (volumes), without any hidden cost. Hidden Costs are their popularity, also not providing complete books (volumes) in a Correspondence course.
Hostel or accommodation List to find the best suitable hostel can be obtained on its website. Hostel Facility provided in Coaching Campus. Separate Hostel Campus for Girls and Boys. Hostels / Accommodation quality are poor. Hostel List is also not available on its website. Institute provided only private accommodation that is known as a hostel.
UPSC Online Live Learning Portal of Vajirao’s Student’s First Choice to download Free IAS Study Material. They don’t operate any Live Study Portal to help aspirants with Free Study Material Downloads.
Located in Shakti Nagar, Near Delhi University Campus, Which is famed for Best IAS Coaching, excellent environment to preparation Civil Services Exam in New Delhi, Delhi. Located in Posha Road Rajinder Nagar, Not so easy to attend regular classes from your hostel /pg / Accommodation.
Student enrolment due to quality and success ratio selection of the students. 200 students in a class separate doubt clearing session and interactive with every student. Overcrowded classroom Vajiram Coaching attracts students due to its branding. After enrolment they find themselves attending in a large hall with a capacity of 300 to 500 students. So there is no interaction with teachers, not doubt clearing.
Each part of General Studies is covered in continuous classes. The course covered a professional attitude. 6 different classes of GS Subjects in 6 days of the week that also break the rhythm of study, not a professional attitude.

vajiram or vajirao

As a result of searching for Which Institute is best for IAS Coaching in Delhi, many students come across two big names Vajirao and Reddy, Delhi and Vajiram and Ravi, Delhi.

Vajiram or Vajirao both of the institutes are red names for years for helping the students able to become IAS officers.

Is Vajiram Ravi or Vajirao Reddy are Same?

No, Vajiram and Ravi IAS Institute and Vajirao and Reddy IAS Coaching centre are different. Vajirao and Reddy Delhi is one of the highly recommended IAS coaching centre in Delhi. People get confused between Vajirao and Reddy and Vajiram and Ravi.

Read the Article to know Which Institute is good in Vajirao and Reddy or Vajiram and Ravi.

Becoming an IAS officer is a common dream of many young candidates in India, who pass out their UPSC preliminary exam and wish to perform their best. Still, everyone knows that becoming an IAS officer is not that easy, and it requires the burning of the candle from both sides, which means lots f effort and smart preparations at the same time.

While preparing for IAS exams, the students search for the best institutes to design and make their dreams come true that. They can work hard at home for no doubt, but studying smart could be possible while being enrolled in an authentic coaching center.

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Here again, the students get confused about these two institutes that whichever is the best and authentic one. To take the confused candidates to the level of satisfaction, we are here to help you out. Let’s make it easy by comparing the pros and cons of both to conclude the best of both. Let’s start elaborating on the scenario and help you make a better decision for your better future.

Vajirao and Reddy

At Vajirao IAS Coaching Institute, the professional and energetic instructors offer foremost significant Civil Services coaching institutes. The qualified faculty helps candidates sharpen their Vision, Aptitude, Judgment, Integrity, Rationality, and Assertiveness to make them proud civil servants. Using equipment of strategy to be highly effective, pedagogues seeks to supply the concepts and clarity to the student’s altogether relevant subjects and topics to make them tackle questions confidently.

Is Vajirao and Reddy good?

  • Excellent and smart preparatory
  • Comparatively more courses then Vajiram
  • Qualified
  • Disciplined training and
  • Study material at low
  • Comparatively low
  • Challenging

Why Vajirao and Reddy is worth attending?

Disadvantages to Join Vajirao and Reddy

  • Less old foundation than
  • Current affair lectures are
  • No updates in study
  • Qualified but not professional
  • Lack of meetings during the
  • Low-level
  • Unfriendly faculty

Vajiram and Ravi

The Institute was founded in 1989 by Professor V.N. Reddy and is trusted among the nation for its preparatory systems. Vajirao and Reddy offer preparation for the preliminary and main exams for UPSC in the classroom courses. They develop the full concepts and prepare for the IAS exams; furthermore, they polish the skills and attitudes of becoming IAS officials. The classroom courses by Vajirao include studying stuff and UPSC test materials.

Vajirao and the significant IAS Coaching Institutes in India help prepare Civil Services Examination in three levels, UPSC Preliminary Exam, UPSC Main Examination, and Personality Test.

All of the batches keep going during the session focus on General Studies (Preliminary), Optional Subjects, and Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) and working for rising IAS officials. This course comprises study hall addresses, study materials, and test arrangements.

Is Vajiram and Ravi good?

Here is the detailed Analysis of what Happens If you Join VAJIRAM & RAVI COACHING. Although this is one of the renowned coaching institutions for Preparing for the IAS/UPSC examination there is no doubt. The Institute has made many IAS officers from its coaching institute. But there are many problems that are faced by its studying student. Let’s begin to read Why are Vajiram and Ravi worth attending?

  • Trusted because of the older
  • Highly educated and experienced faculty
  • Preparatory meetings during the
  • Vast courses
  • Comparatively better study
  • Good reputation
  • E-learning Facility Available

Why Vajiram and Ravi is worth attending?

There is no doubt vajiram and ravi is very old IAS coaching in Delhi. But their Per batch the number of students are in huge number so it’s very difficult to clear the doubts of the individual. There is no point in taking the coaching if our doubts do not get cleared. When you get only the notes from the faculty then what is the point of spending so much money apart from living separately from the family. 1.5 lacs for GS plus optional is too much and then they do not provide any demo classes because they know students will run away… thus joining or taking admission in this institute, may be worth it…

Disadvantages to Join Vajiram and Ravi: 

  • High rents for out-of-city students.
  • Suitable only for
  • High travel charges and consumes 4 to 6 hours
  • Not enough study material, external notes are also
  • Questions in exams are more challenging than studied
  • Conjured
  • Fewer courses
  • Fewer campuses around the
Which is better Vajiram or Vajirao
Which is better Vajiram or Vajirao

Conclusion of Which is better Vajiram or Vajirao:

By searching and analyzing both institutes deeply in critical and general ways, we have concluded the best choice coaching Institute for preparing IAS exams is The Vajirao and Reddy Institute because of their results, older foundation, professional trainers, faculties, Senior Mentors, and more trusted and acquiring comparatively fewer cons.

We can tell you about Vajirao and Reddy. As much as getting into a good coaching institute is concerned Our Research feels Vajirao & Reddy is the Best you can get.

The Faculty is simply best. Teachers are Well Qualified. Many of the teachers are highly experienced. Not just Qualified, almost all the teachers are very supportive and are there for you any time of the day, always ready to help you with your academic problems and will even guide you through your personal problems as faced by many students when they are away from the home.

There are Doubt Clearing sessions where you can get your Concepts cleared Directly from Teachers. We Feel it is really Beneficial because sometimes we get our attention lost in class and then we are not able to understand that topic clearly or when you can not attend your classes due to some major problem. so you can get your doubts cleared on the very same day.

The Tests will take place twice a month (at a gap of around 15–20 days ) and the result gets declared after 1–2 hours of the test so that you can analyze your progress and mistakes on the same day itself.

There is much more you’ll know if you go there.

With little effort and using the brain smartly lets the candidates prepare well and win the positions for IAS officials.

We made taking decisions among these two institutions by simplifying things openly to open a door for a bright future.

Happy Preparations!

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