Why Delhi is Best for UPSC?

Why do people go to Delhi for UPSC?

Delhi is the hub of the UPSC coaching institute. In Delhi, you will be finding a lot of IAS Coaching institutes. Delhi is having highly experienced facilities to prepare for the IAS examination.

Delhi is having the best facilities for civil services examination preparation for stop more than 50% of the IAS examination aspirants come to Delhi capital city to prepare for the UPSC examination. In the time of increasing trend of students opting for best online IAS classes is still people prefer to take Delhi-based online IAS classes.

Most students looking to crack the UPSC IAS are confused about going to Delhi for studies? They wonder if studying on their own for the exam preparations would be enough. Going to Delhi for UPSC IAS preparation is not the only option or the most fruitful alternative when preparing for UPSC IAS. Students who are of the view that tutorials can work wonders in preparing for the exam are wrong. There are various things that students need to do in order to secure a good All India Ranking in one of the most prestigious engineering exams of India.

Key Points in Self-Preparation

First of all, students preparing for UPSC IAS should be very clear that IAS Prelim and IAS Main are two completely different exams. The very first thing important for a student appearing in this exam is to improve speed. Students need to increase their speed and try answering more questions within a stipulated time frame. Time management is something that is very important when preparing for both exams. These are things that you can practice but your practice should be consistent otherwise you would not emerge successfully. It is only due to the various difficulties faced in self-preparation that most students opt to go to Delhi, but why Delhi?

Why should choose Delhi for UPSC IAS Preparation?

There are a lot of students who have this general opinion of going to Delhi for UPSC IAS. Delhi is in no way a magical place and the success of a student is completely dependent on his or her hard work. However, it can be rightly said that Delhi is the best place for UPSC IAS preparation. This is due to the fact that IIT is what is thought of the day in and day out at Delhi. This place provides the best education when it comes to cracking engineering exams in India. It gives its students the chance of preparing for medical or JEE without studying the whole day and night. Logical teaching is practiced at this place and this is something that one will not find in any other place in India. So, if you have the confidence of working hard enough for your engineering exams then Delhi is the best place for you.

Is it worth going to Delhi for UPSC?

Coaching in Delhi certainly pushes a student closer to success in UPSC IAS and there are good reasons behind this:

  • Competitive Environment: Students see focused people around them. These are students working hard towards achieving similar goals serving as positive reinforcement.
  • Structured Curriculum: The curriculum that students follow when coaching from different institutes is well-organized and structured.
  • Great Teachers: The coaching centers at Delhi possess well-experienced and highly qualified teachers motivated towards offering the best information.
  • Practice for One Particular Examination Environment: At Delhi coaching centers you need to solve a set of questions within a specific time and in a specific environment. This tends to be a little difficult for students even if they are very good at physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Practice is something that is focused on at the coaching centers.
  • Students get Familiar with Important Sections of Study: The other students present at the coaching centers offer good help in detailing or highlighting the portions which are important.

Conclusion of Why Delhi is Best for UPSC?

On the other hand, preparing for UPSC IAS in Delhi can pull a student away because of constant pressure. Ultimately students appearing for this exam should remember that there is no shortcut to efficiency and hard work. Routine work is very important and this is the right direction for hard work. Apart from this, strong and powerful concept building, accuracy, speed, consistency, good overall performance, analysis of tests, topics, and subjects, and a positive attitude is very important for UPSC IAS success.

You can always prepare by yourself with some help from others (like joining test series or joining coaching for optional subjects). Having a guide to give you the correct advice and solve your doubts is also helpful.

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