Best Hindi Newspaper For UPSC

This post aims to help the IAS aspirants who will be taking the Civil Services Exam in the Hindi medium. In this post, we will tell you the list of best Hindi newspapers for IAS/IPS/IRS/IFS – UPSC civil services exam. These Hindi newspapers will help you with your IAS exam preparation.

This article will help you decide which is the best newspaper for IAS preparation in Hindi. Here is the list of best Hindi newspaper for IAS preparation, at your disposal!

Best Hindi Newspaper For UPSC/IAS Preparation

The fact remains that for Hindi medium candidates you will hardly find any Hindi newspaper which can match the standard and quality of The Hindu. However, this doesn’t mean that you are anywhere behind the English medium candidates in IAS. By saying this, we mean that there is no such newspaper in the market which will give you all the important news in one place like The Hindu. You need to read more than two Hindi newspapers for the preparation of IAS exam. So it is a little tedious for the Hindi Medium students when it comes to daily current affairs.

You will easily find the most sensational headlines in all Hindi newspapers, but UPSC is different, and they never ask you straight questions. They will ask you anything so don’t risk reading more newspapers than you can because news is scattered and it is not possible for you to read all the newspapers. The Hindi newspapers have limited space; therefore, they only publish news which they find is relevant to them; they don’t publish according to UPSC. That is why it is your job to collect news from different sources, and we will tell you how.

Listed below are some good Hindi newspapers you should read for IAS preparation. These Hindi newspapers will help you with the preparation of general studies in both prelims and mains (GS-1, GS-2, GS-3, GS-4).

List of recommended Hindi newspapers for IAS preparation

  1. Dainik Tribune: Dainik Tribune is an Indian Hindi-language daily newspaper published from Chandigarh, New Delhi, Jalandhar, Dehradun & Bathinda. It was established in 1978 by The Tribune Trust, which published The Tribune and The Punjabi Tribune. It is one of the best Hindi newspaper in India for IAS.
  2. Dainik Bhaskar: Dainik Bhaskar is an Indian Hindi-language daily newspaper that is now the largest circulated daily newspaper of India. It is owned by Dainik Bhaskar Group, the largest Print Media Company of India. Started in Bhopal in 1958, it expanded in 1983 with the launch of Dainik Bhaskar’s Indore edition. Today, Dainik Bhaskar is present in 14 states with 61 editions in 4 major languages prevalent in India: Hindi, English, Marathi and Gujarati.
  3. Dainik Jagran: Dainik Jagran is an Indian Hindi-language daily newspaper. Dainik Jagran is the most read newspaper in India with an average Issue Readership (AIR) of 16.37 million. Dainik Jagran has also been declared by the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) as one of the most read newspapers in the world. It was named the most credible newspaper source in India in a survey commissioned by BBC-Reuters. The newspaper is owned by Jagran Prakashan Limited, a publishing house listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India.
  4. Navabharat: Nava Bharat is a Hindi-language daily newspaper published from Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur, Gwalior, Satna, Chhindwara, Nagpur, Mumbai, Raipur, Bilaspur, Pune, Nashik, Chandrapur and Amravati. Nava Bharat has the sixth-highest readership amongst Hindi newspapers.
  5. Business Standard: Business Standard is an Indian daily newspaper published by Business Standard Ltd in two languages, English and Hindi. Founded in 1975, the newspaper primarily covers India and international business, and financial news and issues.
  6. Economic Times: The Economic Times is an Indian daily newspaper published by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. First published in 1961, it is the world’s second-most widely read business newspaper, after the Wall Street Journal, with a readership of over 800,000. The Economic Times is published simultaneously from 12 cities—Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Chandigarh, and Pune.
  7. Dainik Navajyoti: Dainik Navajyoti is a Hindi language daily newspaper published from Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer & Kota Rajasthan. It started in 1936.
  8. BBC Hindi
  9. Weekly/ Monthly Economic Bulletin

Best Hindi Newspaper For UPSC, IAS Preparation

This article is to highlight the best Hindi newspaper for UPSC civil services examination and help aspirants who are giving this exam in Hindi medium. There are some good Hindi newspapers which can aid in the IAS exam preparation. One needs to refer to multiple papers in this language to have an overall overview and bring it under one roof. It is a known fact that UPSC never goes for straight forward questions. It is advised to cultivate the habit of taking down notes for current affairs and this way one can be sure that all-important information over a reasonable time is at one place and can be used for further reference.

Best magazine for UPSC in Hindi: There are Hindi versions of magazines Yojana and Kurukshetra.

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