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How to Choose Best Coaching for IAS Preparation

A Good coaching has following qualities-

  • Listens to the students
  • Ask open questions
  • Clarifies points made
  • Encourage reflection
  • Avoids ‘telling’
  • Builds Confidence
  • Challenge beliefs
  • Help to see the big picture
  • Encourage commitment to action
  • Develops Trust
  • Is solution focused
  • Has the strong belief that aspirant have the capacity to learn, develop and change.

Now days, everyone has a dream to become a big, famous & settled person. To achieve this goal a person must have to select a field which is suitable of his/her capability. There are so many careers like Civil Services, Medical , Engineering etc. here we are talking about the Civil Services Exam (IAS).when a person decide to be an IAS officer, the first thing in his/her mind is how to prepare for IAS examination. So for preparation, he/she need to join IAS coaching. There are so many coachings in India for IAS preparation. It is the difficult task to select best coaching so here are some tips how to select a best coaching for IAS preparation.

1-Insight about an Institute-

  • Check out and do so some research to know students’ review
  • If the Institute is not great, you will come to know through the reviews.
  • Also check out at students forum where real students have written about the Institute
  • This way you will get great deal of insight about an Institute.

2-Faculty Member-        

  • Great faculty members are must to give you edge while preparing For IAS exam.
  • Do some research on the faulty profiles.
  • Get Idea about their experience in teaching a particular subject or subjects.
  • You can check their LinkedIn, SlideShare, and Google plus profiles to gauge their credibility as a coaching expert.

3- Good of study material is essential-

  • Good study material is Important.
  • Proper notes and study material gets concept clarity.
  • Learn short methods and Quick tips
  • Save your Time and enable cover more topics in less time.

4-Success Stories-

  • Ensure to look their past success record
  • Great institute
  • Will have a number of success stories.
  • Talk to students to find out whether claims are true or nor.
  • Never get carried away by advertisements a wall poster.

5-Teaching Infrastructure-

  • Never take random decisions while choosing an IAS coaching.
  • Before paying your fees, make a visit yourself to institute.
  • Well-equipped infrastructure can give an edge to your IAS preparation.
  • It can help you get updated information about the exam & relevant topics.

6-Fee structure-

  • Consider few institutes and their fee structure before finalizing on one institute.
  • Go far an Institute which can offer you quality class and help you score better in your exam.

5-Class Timings.

  • This is one of the first & basic consideration to keep in mind while choosing IAS coaching classes.
  • Check out the class timings so that you can adjust the timings with your after commitments.

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