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How to prepare for IAS

In today’s era, there are lots of competitive exam like Banking,  SSC and Civil services. In Civil services IAS exam is very tough & difficult. To crack IAS exam is hard nut to crack but always remember…

“Nothing is impossible if determined is strong” 

Many students and people have desire to give IAS exam & clear It but they don’t have idea how to prepare for that when should we start preparation…

Short Tips & Tricks for IAS beginners

A lot of young people have heard of the IAS exam and express a desire to give this prestigious exam. But they have no idea of how to go about giving this exam or qualifying. Here are some answers to questions like – How to prepare for IAS exam without coaching? How to prepare for IAS exam after 12th? How to prepare for IAS while working? How to start IAS Preparation during graduation.

How to prepare IAS exam without coaching

There are many students who qualifies the exam without coaching so this is clear that coaching is not necessary , what is necessary is your own determination, hard work & discipline. Here are some tips how to do self study-

  • First you should manage your time& be disciplined.
  • Start preparation is early because syllabus is very vast.
  • Read good books & make self notes.
  • Give mock test at regular basis.
  • Make your time table & do study according to your time table.
  • Keep this thing in your mind that you are going to start your preparation without coaching.

How to prepare IAS exam after 12th

Preparing IAS exam as early is great advantages as you can increase your knowledge & awareness.. Here are Tips-

  • First you should analyze the whole syllabus.
  • Give mock test on daily basis.
  • Read news paper daily.
  • Choose the degree according to IAS syllabus because it give you the benefit.
  • Give online test regularly.
  • Subscribe the magazine & read it regularly.
  • Make your time table & start follow it on daily basis.

How to prepare for IAS while working

If you are working and you have not so much time for preparation than follow these tips-

  • First make your time table according to your working time. 2-]
  • Prepare your notes & purchase best study material which is short & effective.
  • Go for online test series & mock test.
  • Meet the people those are in same situation & converse with them and discussion about the preparation.
  • Listen to the short news because you don’t have so much time to listen all so utilize your time for important facts.
  • Writing answers that will boost your speed.

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